Eviction Diversion/ Rental Assistance

Our eviction diversion and rental assistance packages are comprised of three parts: online landlord application,  online tenant application and web based administration.

Online applications are customized to specific needs. Admin console provides listing of all applications for review with simple double click download of apps and docs. Assign staff to specific applications, set priorities and flags, attach internal notes to applications, input customer notes, and set status for customer review.

Solutions methodically guide your customers through the form completion processes and allow/require supporting documents to be attached. Features Include:

  • Accessibility 24 x 7
  • Intuitive Web Interfaces
  • System Generated Confirmation Numbers
  • Application Status Tracking
  • Application Administration
  • Multi – Language

Prices start at about $179 per month . Contact Us for a Demo!

Appointment Manager

It’s not just about booking the appointment. Appointment Manager knows what to tell your customers when there are no appointments left, when to call back, whether you have certain locations that are temporarily closed, as well as the status of specific appointments. It also knows what to tell your customers to bring to their appointments. You can control duplicate appointments, track dollar allocations, and easily change the status of your locations. Most importantly, customers can call or go online to check the status of their applications. Document handling can also be included for a smooth, contactless customer experience. Here are a few features that differentiate our product line from others in the market:

Status awareness – keeps track of the status of all resources so that your customers will know upfront whether appointments are available and when to call back for the next round of appointment openings.

Operational awareness – Assistance programs often need to Target certain market segments such as elderly and homebound customers. Our offerings allow you to set the operational status so that the right content is delivered to your customers over the web and over the phone at the time that you need it.

Duplicate prevention – allows you to limit appointments to one appointment per customer at a time, or one appointment per customer per utility season. We deploy two-factor duplicate prevention to help limit the effect of duplicate appointment booking.

Smart routing – you may have customers that need to attend a financial literacy class before they are able to schedule an appointment. Route customers based on the parameters that you determine. Additional Features Include:

  • Accessibility 24 x 7
  • Intuitive Web Interfaces
  • Inquiry Status Tracking
  • School-based permissions
  • Inquiry Administration
  • Multi – Language
  • Content management for phone and web

Prices start at about $250 per month for the complete IVR and Web-integrated solution. Web only solutions can be much more affordable. Contact Us for a Demo!

Needs Assessment

Whether you’re trying to understand the best features of a specific product offering, or what time of year is optimal for delivering your service, surveys can get you the data that you need to make decisions. Businesses use online and telephone surveys because they are convenient.

It is easy for respondents to complete surveys online and over the telephone. They also save time. Telephone and online surveys are significantly cheaper than other methods. Our advanced surveys can include logic for prompting different survey questions based on workflow responses. Primary features include:

  • Integrated phone and email availability
  • Custom content
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Advanced logic and rules
  • Web based reporting

Prices start at $149 per month and can have IVR and Web-integrated at additional costs. Contact Us for a Demo!

SMS Campaign Manager

Text messaging is everywhere and your customers are doing it all day, everyday. Many will expect to have some form of communication with your business over text. When it comes to outbound notifications, text messaging is often the best way to capture the attention of your customers.

It doesn’t always have to be about a marketing promotion. Outbound text campaigns can invite quick feedback, announce availability of a product or service, communicate changes in office hours or appointment times, and much more. Our MS toolkit allows you to:

  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Select who you want to contact
  • Collect responses to outbound campaigns
  • Run more than one campaign at a time

Prices start at about $99 per month. Contact Us to learn more!

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant doesn’t just answer calls, it guides your customers through a menu of options you create, helping you stay focused on doing your work. Auto attendant can take messages, send outbound texts, play helpful audio, and direct calls to the right people. Auto attendant also tracks call activity so you can better understand why your customers are calling.

The primary goal is to alleviate the pressures of the telephone allowing you to focus on meaningful work tasks. Primary features include:

  • Call Routing
  • Custom content
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Insightful reporting
  • Text Delivery

Auto Attendant gives you the capabilities you want and need to do your work and operate your business.

Prices start at $119 per month for smaller agencies. Contact Us to learn more!

Head Start Inquiry Manager

The Head Start Inquiry Manager is a Web and IVR (phone) based system that captures relevant data from clients interested in enrollment. It is intended to be used as a data source for tracking client interest by school and /or school system, while collecting useful demographic data such as income level, number in household, extenuating factors and ages.

The solution offers several actionable features for:

  • Qualifying
  • Routing
  • Notifying
  • Reporting
  • Status Tracking

Prices start at $199 per month for the complete IVR and Web-integrated solution. Web only solutions can be much more affordable! Contact Us for a Demo!