About us

About us

Customer Interaction Management Software for Small Businesses

Appointment Works is a technology provider of customer interaction management software focused on scheduling, reminding, screening, qualifying, registering, applying, call handling and notifying. Our voice and web delivered solutions  help businesses run more efficiently. Our expertise is in interactive technologies that take advantage of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Web, and other communication technologies that make customer interaction less demanding and more effective.

We love solving problems. We believe in delivering what we commit to delivering. We also believe in doing what we say we will do. We enjoy doing everything we have to do to accomplish our customers’ satisfaction.


  • Brian PerroneChief Business Officer

    Responsible for product development and overall direction of the company. Brian brings 20 + years experience in the software technology industry where he has brought various products and services to market within several successful start-up's. Brian earned an M.I.M. from the American Graduate School of International Management, M.B.A. from Belmont University and B.A. in Economics from The University of the South.

  • Self ServiceInnovation

    Through Customer Interaction Management Solutions

  • Norman BocconeChief Technical Officer

    Responsible for technology decisions and product development. Norm has been working in development organizations in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. His experience has been with both large companies and startups and ranges from individual contributor to manager. Norm practices Agile methodologies and has deep knowledge of multiple coding and scripting languages. Norm earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Physics from University of Mary Washington.

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