CAP Programs

Solutions for CSBG Programs

We develop solutions that support services and activities that address employment, education, improved financial management, housing, nutrition, emergency services, and/or healthcare. Solutions leverage web and communication technologies to deliver custom software for scheduling, notifying, surveying and application processing.

Our solutions help you provide better customer service with fewer resources.

Solutions for Utility Assistance

Great customer service often starts with placing a little bit of structure around potentially chaotic demand. Utility assistance programs create high demand at specific times. Bursts of appointment setting and application submission are part of the deal. Our software easily handles it.

Solutions for Head Start

Customers need information from you and you need information from your customers. This doesn’t mean that you have to you spend all day on the telephone or read web forms and emails to get your job done.

Our software supports Head Start and Early Head Start with call screening, data management, document handling and status reporting. This relieves you and your staff from from fulfilling customer service requests for information.