Appointment Pro

It’s not just about booking the appointment. Your customers deserve better and Appointment Pro delivers like no other scheduling software.

Appointment Pro knows what to tell your customers when there are no appointments left, when to call back, whether you have certain locations that are temporarily closed, as well as the status of specific appointments. It also knows what to tell your customers to bring to their appointments.

Queue Sentry

Great customer service often starts with placing a little bit of structure around potentially chaotic demand. Queue Sentry organizes demand into an easy to manage waitlist.

Queue Sentry methodically tracks and stores the incoming demands of your customers and organizes them according to when they came into the system and what they wanted to do. Moving them from the wait list is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons.

Virtual Agent

Customers need information from you and you need information from your customers. This doesn’t mean that you have to you spend all day on the telephone or read web forms and emails to get your job done.

Virtual Agent combines call screening and Status reporting to relieve you and your staff from from fulfilling customer service requests for information. Virtual agent knows the status of applications, what information to collect from your customers, where your customers may be in an application process, and much more.